By Chad Koenen


For as long as she can remember, Hannah Augustus has wanted to own a daycare. While some young children were playing with Legos, Play doh and video games, Augustus was busy playing daycare and longing for a day to be a part of molding the next generation of children.

  “I have always wanted to open a daycare since I was like five,” she said. “When I was playing at home I would always play daycare. It has always just been a dream to do it.”

That dream is finally coming to reality as the daughter of Dwayne and Lisa Augustus of Ottertail has opened her own daycare in the heart of Ottertail. 

After working at different daycare centers in Moorhead and Perham, Augustus decided she wanted to work closer to home. Since there has been a big shortage of daycares in the greater Ottertail area, the 2017 Henning High School graduate decided to open a daycare based around providing educational opportunities for children in her Ottertail home. 

“There are not really any daycare centers around here so I knew I would have to make my own and that is what I have here,” she said. 

Little Otters Child Care officially opened on Jan. 4 and will provide families with another in-home childcare option. Augustus said a friend helped her come up with the name while she was attending college. As part of a class project, Augustus had to come up with a mock daycare and the name sort of just stuck with her through the years.

“Since I live in Ottertail I thought it was a fun name,” she said.

Augustus graduated from Minnesota State University-Moorhead with a degree in early childhood education. She is also in the process of becoming a licensed teacher, which will help to further the educational aspect she hopes the new daycare will provide. 

Just a few short steps away from the community park, Augustus said the children will have a bevy of activities to do each day. Her plan is to read stories, complete activities, go outside and be active. And, of course, children at Little Otters Child Care will have ample opportunities to just be kids and have fun. 

“I am just really trying to push more education, but yet still have play based experiences. Just trying to give the kids something they wouldn’t normally get at home,” she said.   

The new daycare is located in Augustus’ house on Lake Ave in Ottertail. She currently has several openings including one opening for a 12 month to 2-year-old child and seven 2-5 year-old openings. 

For more information about Little Otters Child Care in Ottertail contact Augustus at (218) 205-8986.