By Chad Koenen


Over the past decade Jerry Moen has seen just about it all at his body shop in rural Deer Creek. There were deer playing chicken with cars, pheasants who flew up in front of the wrong kind of a grill, vehicles colliding with one another, rocks and even a few baseballs that wanted to take out some aggression on the window of a car. 

It seemed like there was a never-ending amount of unique crashes and stories that vehicle owners could tell about their reasons for coming to Six Pak Auto Body in rural Deer Creek.

However, after owning his own body shop for over 12 years, Moen was looking for something new as his family began searching for options to live closer to the Parkers Prairie area. Already owning a set of storage units along Highway 108 in rural Henning, Moen began exploring options to continue to fuel his passion for cars, while also focusing his attention on things like glass, minor repairs and even selling vehicles. 

“I’ve been messing with them since I was a kid I guess and always selling them. It is kind of a fun thing for me,” he said. 

Moen recently finished a new shop along Highway 108 near the Six Pack Storage Units and has started selling used vehicles, as well as a number of vehicle accessories. While he enjoyed working on the auto body part of vehicles the longtime car enthusiast said it was just time to get away from things like the dust and fumes from auto body work, as well as the toll such work takes on a person’s body. The move also allows him to be in one spot, instead of splitting his time between the storage units near Henning and Six Pak Auto Body near Deer Creek. 

“I just decided to get out of the auto body part of it,” he said. “The main thing I want to do is sell used cars, but I will do some mechanical too.”

Six Pak Auto will have approximately a half dozen vehicles on its lot along Highway 108 just outside of Henning near the storage units. For those who don’t quite see what they are looking for on the lot can inquire with Moen who can search out a specific make or model of a vehicle. He will then do the shopping for the customer to locate the vehicle and bring it back to Henning to purchase. It’s a customer service first approach he is hoping that will make his new business venture grow throughout the region.

Six Pak Auto will now offer used part sales, auto repairs, minor cosmetic work like door hand replacement and glass installation. Moen will also offer repairs like brake and suspension replacements and will offer a full line of accessories for things like new covers, weather decks floor mats and other items as needed.

One rather unique feature Moen will continue to specialize in is converting vehicles to a right hand drive option. The right hand drive vehicles allow people like delivery drivers to drive on the right side of the car in order to have easier access to delivering packages and mailboxes on the route. 

For more information about the cars listed on his lot contact Moen at (218) 640-2457 or visit Six Pack Auto online at The new shop is located just north of Henning along Highway 108.