5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

The school year has already started for six new teachers in the Henning School District. Last week Jenna Damm, Dakota Aeling, Stephanie Jorgensen, Dani Beekman, Gerardo Armendarez and Lynn Headington were getting their rooms ready and becoming familiar with their new school. 

As the first frisbee sailed along the outfield fence at the Henning baseball field, a group of about 20 people celebrated the completion of a frisbee golf course on Sunday. After nearly four months of fundraising, and even more time planning, a local group of volunteers were able to celebrate the fruits of their labor.

The Minnesota Community Measurement recently published results for 767 Minnesota clinics in the 2017 Patient Experience of Care Survey, the nation’s largest comprehensive view of patient experiences. Tri-County Health Care’s Henning Clinic was ranked in the top 15 performers in the state for courteous and helpful office staff and was ranked as above average in care coordination and access to care.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 27, 1997

Clay Houselog, new principal of Henning Public School, displayed some of the schools new computers. The entire computer lab has been updated, and classroom computers are being obtained for teachers. Many teachers had special computer training this summer, and the school has won a grant to get more portable computers.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture tested water samples for nitrates Saturday in the Ottertail Community Center. Most of the 153 samples tested were found to be low in nitrates. 

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 31, 1972

Mrs. Bea Bjorklund, RN assumed the position of Supervising Nurse at Henning Nursing Home, Inc., the middle of August. Mrs. Bjorklund came to Henning Nursing home from Ingall’s Memorial Hospital, Harvey, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, where she had charge nurse of the second state coronary care unit. Mrs. Bjorklund was raised in the Underwood area. She and her three children are living in Battle Lake.

Dick Lenning announced this week the formation of a new Henning business enterprise, a construction company that will handle a variety of building needs. Mr. Lenning says he intends to compete with outside builders coming into the area. His company will construct homes, barns, garages, and do cabinet and concrete work. Henning welcomes this new industry and wishes Mr. Lenning the best.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 28, 1947

Several Henning men have reported to the Advocate office of seeing an unusual phenomenon Tuesday evening at about 11:15 p.m. rainbow at night. A brief shower had fallen and together with the bright moon caused the rainbow to be clearly visible. The men were not together at the time (and we know they had not been drinking).

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 31, 1922

A frightful double drowning accident occurred at the West Leaf Lake Sunday evening in which Ole Haugen and Helen Zein lost their lives. Mr. Haugen, it seems had been out fishing before supper and had had good luck. After supper he suggested to Mr. and Mrs. Iver Bondy to go out trolling, and they together with Helen Zeik took the boat with a motor attachment. They started along the south shore toward the west end of the lake. They had receded as far as the bay east of Cordes’ point when they decided to turn and come back. A strong east wind was blowing, which made it difficult to turn the boot with the small motor rudder. Mrs. Bondy was operating the motor. Mr. Haugen got up and attempted to get an oar with which to help head the boat up against the wind. In doing so he lost his balance and fell into the lake upsetting the boat and throwing all out. Mr. Bondy says it all happened in the wink of an eye, all being thrown clear of the craft. The bow rose up in the air like a mountain, he says, and covered him when it finally settled won. He groped about and got out. He got his mouth full of water, but squirted it out, as he had no use for it, he says. He clung quietly to the boat and called on the other people to do likewise. The accident happened about 100 feet from shore and in 20 feet of water. All tried to cling to the boat and were calm except Miss Zeik was somewhat excited. Mr. Haugen aided her to the top of the boat but she did not or could not hold her position. Mr. Bondy called to all to cling to the boat and be calm—a fact which probably saved his wife. Mr. Haugen was an exceptionally good swimmer, as is also Mrs. Bondy but Mr. Haugen was handicapped in his fight Miss Zeik who struggled near him and by a pair of hip boots he was wearing. Before going down he was heard to say there is something heaving on his leg. It is thought possible that the motor, which had become detached, had caught in the boots. Miss Zeik went down at the same time. Mr. Bondy and his wife clung to the upturned boat until it drifted to shore. The place of accident is remote and no one heard their calls for help.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

August 1897

The Minneapolis Times states that 95 percent of the Scandinavian population in Minnesota have been disfranchised by the constitutional amendment adopted last fall requiring full citizens papers and cannot vote at the next state election. The percentage is large, but this figure is no doubt exaggerated. If a man has the right stuff in him—a healthy body and a strong will—adversity is more often a benefit than a detriment. It will bring out qualities that have been lying dormant, that he himself did not know he possessed, nine cases out of ten, he will take up the trials of life with renewed life, energy that he never knew he possessed.