New judges can attend training sessions

Additional election judges are needed in Henning as soon as the 2022 November election.

Richard O. Johnson, who has been an election judge for a number of years, said additional Democrat judges are especially needed, but Republican judges are needed as well. He said the job pays an hourly wage and is not difficult once the training has been completed.

Election judges make sure voters are registered and help them do so if they are not, while also giving voters the correct ballot to cast on election day. Since many of the election judges are retired and older residents of the community, Johnson said it is important for people to consider being an election judge both now and in the future to ensure a free and fair election.

Johnson said employers are required to let employees have the day off of work if they wanted to be an election judge. He said the work is simple, but people need to be responsible. 

Anyone who would like more information about becoming an election judge in the City of Henning should contact city hall at 583-2402.